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WHISH is a support group, set up by parents,to give children positive experiences & support families. Hidden Impairments include Autism,Dyspraxia,Epilepsy,ADHD & many others. We offer various activities for children, e.g swimming, games, riding. For parents we have a support group and activities such as sign language training & art therapy. Most of our activities are free and the whole family is welcome at all events. We have a website & Facebook page,monthly newsletter & parents coffee mornings

Why the community needs us
We enable the children to take part in activities they often miss out on ,and to learn new skills, meeting other children like themselves, making friends and increasing confidence and self-esteem. Whilst the children are at the activities parents can meet with other parents who understand the challenges & difficulties of living with hidden impairments.

Our impact on the community
Children can learn new skills, have better balance & co-ordination, start to communicate with others and make friends in a safe environment where they are allowed to fully participate, regardless of their physical or mental ability. For some of the children and their siblings WHISH group is the only thing they can do together

What your gift could provide


pays for a child to go riding


pays for a swimming session for a group of children


pays for a reptile or falconry session for a group of children.

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01947 899685

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