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Active since 1984, we enable disabled women of all backgrounds, ages and situations to have a voice and share problems and solutions; provide free self-help information and support to access benefits, services, resources, tackle discrimination, escape abuse and violence; highlight how coping with disability and ill-health in an inaccessible world is work, whether or not we do waged work; that disabled women are often mothers and carers too. We campaign on all these issues to uphold our rights.

Why the community needs us
Women are the majority of disabled people, but this is not reflected in policy, statistics, media. Women with disabilities' particular needs and concerns are largely invisible. Those of us facing added discrimination as asylum seekers, refugees, lbtq+, immigrants and carers, because of the type of disability, age and other issues, need support and to speak out. Women tell us the difference it makes to share problems and solutions with other women who understand.

Our impact on the community
Hundreds of disabled women of diverse backgrounds have felt supported and inspired to be active. Our benefit rights pages have been viewed thousands of times and been used to secure benefit entitlements and exemption from stressful disability benefit exams, appeal refusals, overturn Council Tax bills, cancel "bedroom tax", and lift threat of eviction. We successfully challenged refusal of the travel Freedom Pass to disabled asylum seekers. We challenge homecare cuts and charges.

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