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The Wokingham Foodbank exists to provide temporary help to people who cannot afford to buy food for themselves and their families. This can be caused by many factors including unemployment, benefit delays or benefit changes, changes in family circumstances, domestic violence, release from custody, delayed wages, or sickness. They are referred to the foodbank by care professionals who evaluate their situation and, if necessary, issue a voucher which entitles them to a food parcel.
The Foodbank also provides emergency energy support vouchers for households using pre-payment meters for gas and electricity.

Why the community needs us
By ensuring that those who cannot afford to feed themselves have a means of obtaining food we aim to ensure that children do not go hungry, that people do not have to resort to crime or begging and that their health is maintaned so that they can take whatever opportunites arise to help themselves.

Our impact on the community
Most people who use the foodbank come for only one or two visits, but they recognise that the food you have provided has got them through a crisis. Join The WOKINGHAM FOODBANK ANGELS and donate a small amount £5 or £10 each month toward our work and Local Giving will match your donations, so the Foodbank will recieve DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! Just click on the regular donation button on this page and enter your details.

What your gift could provide


pays for a food parcel for an individual in need.


pays for an emergency energy support voucher.


pays a months rent on the foodbank premises

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