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All fundraisers a.k.a. World of Words (WOW) started life as a children's literacy and well-being programme that has now involved 20 schools and well over 3000 children directly and even more through our guest speaker visits at schools.
WOW responds to referrals and a bespoke service is offered to primary schools in order to help with the skills and well being of 5 to 11 year olds. The innovative initiative of WOW also has a unique rewards schedule that offers gifts to youngsters and their families/guardians/carers. WOW gives free tickets to exciting events and nice days out taking in: Sport, culture, play schemes, the theatre, etc.

Why the community needs us
In an area of recognised deprivation our input has proven to have had major positives. The scheme has had a string of glowing reports from parents, teachers, politicians and most importantly the children. There has proven to be a need for our endeavour and a lot of hard graft behind the scenes and to the forefront of operations has seen a huge amount of progress in the attitudes, applications and aspirations of countless children. There is a benefit to our young citizens and thus the community as we have taken our endeavour to different venues - both outdoors and indoors.

Our impact on the community
There are significant strides when children find literacy to be educational, entertaining and enjoyable. It is a joy to enthuse our future adults. Our self penned stories are popular with ethical, moral and social pointers offering guidance within the context of effective literature. Other intervention introduces various guests such as The Dogs Trust, police and firefighters who back our work. 'Thanks for not giving up on me' was one plaudit that backs our 'life is a test,just try best' mantra.

WOW relies upon fundraising to perform its work and anyone can help.  Our role model visitors have offered so many positive real life experiences to so many children. The long list has included the Welsh football manager and a Wales rugby international, journalist, cartoonist, chiropractor, JP, gardener, artist/sculptor, historian, firefighters, police officers, photographers, writers, broadcasters and so many more. 
The children and their families have also shared in a wide range of prizes that has resulted in free tickets to watch the Wales football team (both ladies and gentleman), Harlem Globetrotters, international wrestling and top class rugby plus attend concerts and theatrical presentations while also having free admission to cultural and historical venues. Free books and other gifts have also been forthcoming over 10 years of altruism from a non profit group that has to fundraise in order to deliver its services. has had a positive influence on many lives and aims to assist further future generations. 

To add to which pre-pandemic we had also moved into the arena of assisting adults with an aim to socialise, meet new friends, enjoy new company and learn interesting facts from an array of informative speakers discussing a variety of topics. These sessions were a great success and hopefully will return and provide a tonic to the many people who attended pre-pandemic. However, the plans are in place for this group Cultural Chapter and hopefully in a world where health issues are still paramount and immensely apparent there can be an opportunity to offer folk this option when it is safer. 
Here is a video showing some of the umpteen highlights recorded across the years. World of Words has a fundraiser at present and if you can help via Local Giving please do via
Enjoy the presentation as there are many happy memories and the hope of countless others to come. 

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