1 million kilo Deadlift challenge

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Raising money to help Aurora wellbeing centres provide support to local people with cancer and long term conditions. 
I aim to Deadlift almost every day with a target of 1 million kg over the course of 2022. I haven't lifted weights for over a year so this will be a real challenge- needing to Deadlift approximately 3000kg per day. 
At the end of the year I'd expect to look a bit more like the fellow in the picture,  though it's unlikely I'll gain a foot in height and regrow hair on the bald patch. Along the way we'll help others. 

Joy Slater
23 Jan, 2022

Keep going John .

Julie Magee
23 Jan, 2022

Mary Wilkinson
11 Jan, 2022

Update from John

Finally managed my first workout today, 60kg for 50 reps, total 3000kg, so only 997000kg to go. Weight was no problem but cardiovascular fitness (or otherwise) was. One day I'll look like Arnold.

(Update posted on January 23, 2022 16:25)

John's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 186 days.

Mark Wilkinson      Top Donor     
10 Jan, 2022

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