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First Steps supports young children (0-5 years) and their families in hidden pockets of deprivation in Bath and those who have special needs and disabilities throughout Bath and North East Somerset. We provide quality, inclusive childcare and services for families that enable children to enjoy education and learning in a warm and welcoming environment and support parents back into education, training and employment. Many of the families we support are facing additional challenges through the impact of the Covid and cost of living crises.

In 2024-2025, we are fundraising for four key projects to improve the life chances of young children, particularly those with special educational needs and who are at risk of being disadvantaged by poverty and family circumstances. Each project will enhance opportunities and support during their early years, the most critical time for learning and development:

Providing free meals - £20,000
Ensuring that children whose families are managing on low incomes have a hot nutritious meal every day, this puts them in the best position to benefit from the opportunities to learn and develop in their nursery.

Trips, Activities and Resources - £8,500
Children from low-income households are less likely to have opportunities to experience different environments or take part in stimulating activities. Trips to the Zoo and to the Egg Theatre spark opportunities for imagination, language, and creative ideas for children. Providing an exciting range of toys and equipment allow children to explore, use their imagination and build their learning over time.

Partnership with Parents: Early Years Practitioner led group sessions alongside families - £3,655
This programme aims to forge and strengthen relationships with parents to model activities that support children’s development and help parents to see their role as a partner in their child’s education. The project will provide group sessions delivered by an experienced Early Years practitioner following the parents’ interests and tailored to their children's needs and strengths.

Developing Twerton Community Nursery as an Early Years Hub - £46,880
First Steps aims to develop a new Early Years Hub at our Community Nursery in Twerton by refurbishing a conference room, family room and kitchen, with new lighting, flooring, play area and storage, to create a new creative and welcoming space for young children with special educational needs, disabilities, and/or from low income families with their parents/carers where they can enjoy a range of activities and come together as families to play, learn and support each other. The new space will provide a range of opportunities to develop and increase the range of activities that children attending the Twerton Community Nursery can enjoy, such as music and dance, gymnastics, or storytelling.

First Steps’ services are inclusive - at any one time, we work with around a third of children who have special education or family support needs.

Your support will help local children to have the best start in their early years - thank you!


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Five days of free meals for young children from families on low incomes


New toys and resources for children in First Steps community nurseries


new toys and resources for our nursery in Twerton

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