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I will be riding 250 miles over 2.5 days in Norfolk for 3 great causes.
1, MK Rugby which was the 1st club I ever played for.

2, Willen Hospice in MK, I have been raising money for these for over4 years now, they do so much in the area and the care they provide is second to none.

3,4ED campaign has been created to raise awareness and funds in support of Ed and his family’s battle with the disease. As an old rugby player, this disease has become far too poignant .


Event Details

MKRUFC Ring of Fire

MKRUFC is pleased to announce the first UK only RING OF FIRE bike ride weekend. In 2023 we will be covering three short (?) loops of 50/100/100 miles over a three-day weekend in sunny Norfolk UK. A support team of 25 volunteers will also be fundraising, and helping the cyclists get round the loops. We are cycling to support three causes: 1. Willen Hospice Willen Hospice - End of life palliative care ( 2. Ed Slater and the Gloucester Rugby 4ED campaign: Gloucester Rugby 3. MKRUFC rugby development and support:

Milton Keynes Rugby Union Football Club (MKRUFC)

Milton Keynes | Sports & Recreation

Milton Keynes Rugby Union Football Club (MKRUFC) Logo

MKRUFC : providing great rugby opportunity for the new city of Milton Keynes

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