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Having worked with many children in (and out of) schools as a teacher & educational psychotherapist, I feel privileged to have observed the positive gains children make in their learning  & relationships through an educational psychotherapy intervention. 

Educational psychotherapy works to address the educational difficulties alongside the emotional barriers that underlie the learning problems children may be experiencing in school. 

Now retired,  I am committed to helping The Caspari Foundation raise funds to continue providing its unique training programme in educational psychotherapy. This will help ensure children and their schools can access  professionally qualified educational psychotherapists for future generations. Please  see:  www.caspari.org.uk for further information.

 I’m undertaking a  30 Day mental health &  fitness challenge for the month of November 2021.  Each day I’ll start  with an early morning  yoga session at 6:30am  & end the day writing  a brief journal observing my changes in mind & body.  For someone who has been inactive for a couple of years this will be quite a challenge for me - mentally & physically.

Please help me  raise some funds on behalf of a hugely worthwhile  children’s mental health  charity - The Caspari Foundation.  My target is £250.00 .  This will go towards funding an educational  psychotherapist to work in a school with a child or group of children for long enough to effect a positive change.  Thank you very much for your support.

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Michael alexander Whitfield
02 Dec, 2021

Inspirational and selfless as ever Yoko :-) xxx

Julie Saunders
19 Nov, 2021

Good to know this work is carrying on Patti. I guess there is more need than ever. Lots of love Julie

Nina Grant
17 Nov, 2021

Good effort!

Angela Barry      Top Donor     
15 Nov, 2021

Go Patti!

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