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Yellow House is named after Van Gogh's House and we will take 15 young people to Holland to see Van Gogh's Home and also to perform in Neunen where he lived with his parents.This will be the trip of a lifetime for these young people and we need to pay for travel(by mini-bus) and accommodation and food.

Why they need our service

We are Celebrating 30 years of Yellow House work with isolated and excluded young people. The Yellow House is committed to the social and emotional well-being and development of young people. Yellow House young people promote tolerance and concern for others, understanding and acceptance of difference in others - and build self - confidence and self-esteem in those who have been neglected or under-valued.

Plan and expected results

A trip for 15 excluded young people who never ever get such opportunities. We will document the journey and film the trip and performance for showing on You Tube.


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