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I am soon going to take part in a cycle challenge in April. We will be cycling through "4 Countries in 4 days". I will be doing this with an amazing charity called "SPORTING FAMILY CHANGE" (SFC). 
This will take us from Tunbridge Wells England, across the English Channel into France. Going through France, Belgium and ending up in sunny Amsterdam at the end of our challenge. This will be a team challenge and I know I wouldn't even be able to consider doing this, without the support and encouragement (and the training!!) of SFC.
SFC are an incredible charity, that through the median of kindness and sport, help people through difficult times to achieve personal challenges and goals they never thought they could possibly achieve. I will be proof of this, if I make it!
For those that know me, you will know I am no athlete, so this challenge will be both physically and mentally demanding. Your support and encouragement will keep me going along the way and help me with all the training that I need to do and, hopefully, finally over the finish point. 
If you can, please donate and help this brilliant charity to continue to spread their kindness and support to as many people as they can xx

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Lauren Clark
24 May, 2023

Amazing mum love you

Cara marie Evans
01 May, 2023

OF COURSE YOU SMASHED IT!! So proud of you. Legend. So much love xxx

Katie Whiting
29 Apr, 2023

You are amazing Sarah!!!! xx

Ally Orchard      Top Donor     
19 Feb, 2023

Hi Sarah A fantastic challenge. So proud of all your efforts Good luck with this great cause and challenge ! X 😊

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