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We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a charity football game to raise funds for our Ant Kids, a remarkable charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged, ill, and socially deprived children in Sheffield. Established in 2009, Ant Kids has been a beacon of hope and support for countless children, ensuring they receive the extra help they need to maintain a good quality of life.

Ant Kids has made a significant impact over the years, providing educational and sports equipment, financial support, free gifts, and organizing fun activities such as educational field trips.

Now, we invite you to join us in this exciting charity football game and help us continue making a difference in the lives of these children. Every donation, big or small, will go a long way in supporting the amazing work of Ant Kids.

Thank you.


Ant Kids

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What your gift could provide


Small toys and stationery for the children


Larger gifts and essential learning equipment


Educational field trips and fun activities that create lasting memories

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Ant Kids Charity Football Game

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