5 Days Trekking 100k across the Jordan desert!

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As I start a new chapter in my life and  turn 50 years of age – I want to give back where I can by helping others. Thousands of children live in deep poverty, where their lives are characterised by chaos & trauma, who are cold, hungry, & forced to be grateful recipients of food banks & warm hubs.
Whilst I can not experience the pain & anxiety that they feel daily, I am going to challenge myself and Trek 100km across the desert & put myself out of my comfort zone, away from all civilised amenities (including my phone and PC) for 5 days to help raise vital funding to support this  fabulous children’s charity.
I want to make a difference and help towards reshaping childhood poverty -

 As Childhood happens once in a lifetime and cannot be re-lived. I want to help towards a child reaching their full potential whilst feeling safe and valued.
I am  asking for your help to make this happen.
Every pound I raise will go directly to this fabulous Children's Charity - making a difference to the childhood of hundreds of children in local communities - thank you for supporting me and for your kindness in helping us change lives and create brighter futures in Wales

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Nick M
11 Nov, 2023

Good luck 👍

Alison North
08 Nov, 2023

Well done on completing the 100km challenge - i know how hard it was 👏

Cameron Carmichael
07 Nov, 2023

Well Done Caroline ☺️

Caroline Platt      Top Donor     
08 Sep, 2023

Donations from winners at Bangor Races!

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About Faith in Families Wadi Rum 100km Challenge, Jordan 2023

Challenge Highlights: The trek follows old shepherd paths, weaving its way west across desert wadis and over striped granite mountains, caused by basalt dyke intrusions. At the end of the trek, we pay a visit to the ancient city of Petra. -Trekking between 22 – 25km per day in the majestic Wadi Rum (a World Heritage site); -Finding dramatic, hidden desert scenery, including sandstone domes, rock formations, and granite and basalt striated mountains; -Experiencing the Bedouin culture and cuisine; -Wild camping beneath spectacular desert skies; -Summiting Um Ad Dami, Jordan’s highest mountain; -Exploring the ancient city of Petra.


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