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I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to represent Gig Buddies Cymru this year by raising whatever amount of fundraising i can and i thank you very much in advance as i appreciate the current climate regarding energy bills and cost of living. I volunteer and offer a small amount of my time with Gig Buddies and i would encourage anyone who would like to find out more to click on the link on this page.

Gig Buddies is all about creating an inclusive world, Going out to see bands, clubbing, or seeing friends is part of everyday life for lots of people. However, if you have a learning disability you may need support to do this. We have found that lots of people with learning disabilities aren’t able to lead full and active social lives. One reason is that sometimes support workers finish at 10pm. Meaning lots of people with learning disabilities leave events at 9pm. 
Some people don’t get much support from support workers at all, but still need it to go out. We believe that people with learning disabilities have the right to stay up late and have some fun. What we want We want people with a learning disability to know they can Stay Up Late, and choose how they live their lives. 

We want support workers to work different hours so that people with a learning disability can Stay Up Late, or do whatever they choose. We know that lots of support workers don’t mind working different hours, but many support workers still aren’t able to help adults with learning disabilities stay up late if they want to, because of other out-dated policies that many support providers have. 
With your help! By volunteering to support an adult with learning disability you are not just improving their social lives but potentially developing their confidence, helping them try new things and become a happier and more empowered human being! 


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Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race held in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, taking place in October.

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