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In April 2023 our 8 month old son Nuno was admitted to hospital and then diagnosed with a form of Leukemia called AML. The treatment involved several months of staying in hospital, with a rare day or week at home between chemotherapy cycles. We were separated as a family and he spent more time in his hospital room than anywhere else. It was a pretty tough year! 

The highlight of Nuno’s week was a visit from Louise, the music therapist from George’s Rockstars. 

George's Rockstars are a charity who help children all over the south coast and in all types of hospital settings. Their mission is to make children in hospitals smile through the power of music therapy. You might wonder if music therapy is that important and I will admit that when we first arrived in hospital I didn't see how or what could be done by music therapy for a small baby fighting for their life but how wrong was I! Hospitals are scary places and music is a wonderful distraction. 

Not only did Louise bring joy to Nuno but also to us as a family. It helped us know what day of the week it was as we rolled through the endless days, weeks and months in hospital. The hour of music therapy was like a trip to a music class or baby group a total treasure! 
So, as a thank you to George’s Rockstars and all the musical love and happiness Louise gave Nuno, I and a group of wonderful humans will be abseiling down the Spinnaker tower. Personally I’m dizzy from looking down the stairs so this will be a huge challenge that I hope I can do. I will be channeling my inner Nuno one of the most stubborn and fun loving humans I have ever met! 

Please donate what you can to this amazing cause and wish us luck for the 11th May 2024!


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