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Medway Queen's income has been hard hit by the Corona Virus and all possible income from the Ramsgate venture has been lost - at least for now. "Dunkirk Day by Day" is a sponsored blog for the Medway Queen Preservation Society in an attempt to make up for that loss. When complete the blog will be moved to the history pages.

A page has been created on their website for the Dunkirk period and I will update it every day from now until 5th June with brief details taken from the society's new book "HMS Medway Queen memories of Dunkirk". It will also contain notes from a civilian diary kept at that time. This fundraiser will remain open for you to support our digital activities, which have earned Medway Queen a "Regional Flagship" award from National Historic Ships UK.

A £10 donation is less than one pound per blog entry, and the target of £7000 represents the number of soldiers rescued  as estimated by HMS Medway Queen's crew. 


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