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We take referrals from other agencies - benefit advice agencies, local authorities, citizens advice, and other organisations and charities who can assess the need of the individual or the household. If the individual or household is struggling to maintain their household fuel supply - electricity and / or gas - they can refer to us. We provide a household FuelBank voucher, following guidelines provided by Ofgem (the energy regulator), so that they can top up their supply.

Why they need our service

We provide the only FuelBank in North Wales - supplying vouchers to help people top up their gas and / or electric if they cannot afford it. We believe that everyone deserves to have heating and lighting, and the ability to cook their own food. It's a challenging project, especially in the current climate of austerity and uncertainty.

Plan and expected results

We expect referrals to increase over the next few months, as more and more households find themselves struggling. Nobody should go without heating or lighting, or the ability to cook their own food this day and age. Food banks provide a valuable service, but often they are asked for food that doesn't need cooking because they can't afford it. Our aim is that nobody in North Wales has to go without gas and / or electricity because they can't afford it. Please help as much as you can. Thank You.


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