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Who am I, what am I doing and why? Well let me tell you....
I'm a runner and regular gig goer who's worked in the Learning Disabilities sector for over 20 years. We as a society have come a long way in that time, making cultural and social events and experiences more accessible for all, but we are nowhere near where we could be. I could write for hours on everything that's wrong with how inaccessible things can be for people with a Learning Disability and / or Autism, but I'll spare you my rants.... 

Picture yourself wanting to go to a gig of a band or artist you love, or a sports match, or visiting a museum, the theatre... but you can't, because you need that little bit of additional support, or you don't have someone who's as interested in the event as you, or you live in supported accommodation and don't really want to go with your supporting staff - you want to go with a friend. This is where Gig Buddies comes in.

Gig Buddies Cymru is a befriending scheme that matches people with a learning disability in Wales with a volunteer who shares the same interests, so they can go to gigs and other events together. This is an invaluable resource to support social inclusion, meaningful engagement, and cherished life experiences for a population often overlooked. Of course it can't run for free, so I and they need your help to raise money. You can read all about them here

I'm going to run in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October to raise as much money  as I possibly can for this amazing project. If you feel everyone should have the same opportunities for accessing the joy of live music and other events, please sponsor me. 
With gratitude for any support,
Gayle & Gig Buddies


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Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race held in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, taking place in October.

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