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Weekly Green Therapy Club every Friday 10am - 3pm supporting people with learning disabilities and those recovering from illness. Using gardening, food growing, plants and horticulture to help individuals learn new skills, support development, promote health and well-being. Hospitality available.

Why they need our service

Within Basingstoke there is a lack of affordable natural therapeutic services to help people at difficult stages in their life. Green Therapy uses ecotherapy and basic horticulture training to increase people's skills and general well being. Green Therapy programmes have the following benefits: - Reduces stress levels - Reduces depression - Restores peace of mind - Improves self-esteem - Opportunity to learn new skills - Gently increased their level of physical activity - Make new friends

Plan and expected results

Over the last year we have piloting running a Horticulture Therapy Club with young adults with disabilities and older people recovering from illness. The pilot programme has: * increased people's confidence * taught people to grow their own food * given them new skills which they can use to enhance their quality of life * inspired them to cook healthy meals * given them more knowledge about locally grown food * helped them to make new friends * be more positive about life



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