Rock and Roll Half Marathon for Gig Buddies

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Hello there and welcome to my fundraising page. I'm running the Cardiff Half Marathon for Gig Buddies. This year I've fallen back in love with running, and as someone who's spent a lot of time playing in bands, I thought it would be ideal to combine the two worlds of running and rock and roll, by raising money for a charity that helps people who need the support to attend gigs and concerts. Here's what Gig Buddies do:

Gig Buddies specifically focuses on events that happen in the evenings, such as concerts, in order to break the many barriers that stop people with a learning disability going out at night and staying up late.

These barriers include lack of support, or inflexible support that forces people to leave events early. Other obstacles include transport, confidence, safety, and accessibility of venues and events. Most importantly, Gig Buddies are free to choose what their GIG’ is and when and where they want to go.

A GIG can be a concert or a festival, but it can also be a rugby match, a trip to a museum or theme park, or a visit to the beach. Your Gig Buddy could be a Football Buddy, a Bowling Buddy, a Rambling Buddy, a Quiz Buddy, a Roller Skating Buddy, a Surfing Buddy. If you find it difficult to get to events and gigs a Gig Buddy can make this possible for you. It’s all down to you to tell us what kind of Buddy you want!

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Kevin Burke
11 Oct, 2019

Well done. I enjoy the Twitter updatess

Anna Davies
07 Oct, 2019

Well done Jimmy! What a good charity!

Karen Watkins
07 Oct, 2019

Congratulations Jimmy

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Jimmy is fundraising for Learning Disability Wales

Creating a Wales that values/includes every child, young person and adult with a learning disability
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About Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race held in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, taking place in October.


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