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In 1578 Queen Elizabeth I and more than 200 courtiers travelled into unknown lands on her annual progress. Join us to create vibrant window displays celebrating the joy of exploration, curiosity, and Elizabeth I’s visit to Norfolk.

People in the places visited by the 1578 Progress are being invited to create vibrant window displays inspired by this incredible royal journey. Brighten your neigbourhood, illuminate your window design between 6-8pm!

There are free but limited, Window Wanderland Makers Packs available in your local libraries
Norwich Millennium Library
Thetford Library
Costessey Library
Wymondham Library
Great Yarmouth Library

Pick up a pack and pass on the chance to others by donating to Curious Spark. We will create more packs as donations come in. 


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What your gift could provide


goes towards making more 'Elizabethan Window Wanderland' trail packs for local libraries.


our POP 1578 WW artist to work with a community group or in a school for a day


an animation of the complete Norfolk Window Wanderland trails.

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Putting on a Progress 1578: Elizabethan Window Wanderland

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