Ian’s Pickled Eggs Eating Challenge

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Ian Dennis, archaeologist extraordinaire and all-round dare devil, claimed in a not entirely sober state that he could eat 15 pickled eggs in 10 minutes. We called his ‘Bragg’ and want to see the evidence. Ian is putting his pickled eggs where his mouth is and will demonstrate his amazing egg eating prowess during a Virtual Pen & Wig Pub zoom meeting on 18 March 2021. The video with the evidence will be there for all to see, i.e. it will be on you tube soon afterwards. To compensate for the frivolity of gratuitous gluttony, we seek generous contributions to help the Cardiff Food Bank to compensate for the short-comings of the Tory economic model (though food banks started to be set up during the new Labour era). Thank you very much.  

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Peter Guest
19 Mar, 2021

Sian Madgwick-iles
19 Mar, 2021

How's the bowels today Ian?

Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
18 Mar, 2021


Martin's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 47 days.

Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
18 Mar, 2021

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