Ramble Against Racism 2021/22/23

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When Black Lives Matter protests started taking place in the UK in 2020, I wanted to join one. But there weren’t any in my area, they were all in cities. I felt that there should be a show of support from rural communities, and that it was time to start a conversation about racial equality in a space where such conversations don’t often happen, in my experience.

So I started the Ramble Against Racism, where I walk through the rural parishes of Devon, spreading awareness of anti-racism and having conversations with people along the way.

I've now walked every parish of Mid, East, North and West Devon, as well as Teignbridge. When I walked the South Hams, I did that over two-weeks straight, backpacking and camping the whole way - an amazing experience!

I now only have Torridge left to go and I expect to finish this in early 2023.

On my rambles, I carry a big 'Ramble Against Racism' banner and I hope to:

  • raise more awareness of racial inequality
  • encourage people to learn more about the topic, and provide ideas for resources
  • help people to think about what they can do to tackle racism
  • raise money for Black2Nature (which aims to get more young Visible Minority Ethnic people engaged with nature)
  • meet and speak to as many people as possible along the way!

I leave a poster in each town/village that gives suggestions for what we can do to actively fight racism. 

Follow @middevonwalker on twitter or @tsarasmith on Instagram for the latest updates and lots of photos!

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Rynd Smith
06 Jan, 2023

Nora and I met Tsara in Sutcombe - what a great project. Best of luck with the rest of Torridge.

Max W-h
13 Dec, 2022

A brilliant cause, wonderfully organised for. In short: fuck racism.

Neets Patel
13 Dec, 2022

I love hearing your stories from your walks - maybe I will put those boots on soon lol

Update from Tsara

West Devon is now complete! Just Torridge to go and I'll have rambled against racism through every rural parish of Devon!

(Update posted on December 13, 2022 13:08)

Tsara's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 82 days.

Lesley Williams      Top Donor     
24 May, 2021

You are awesome!

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