Richard's Bench Sleepout for the Homeless 2021

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UPDATE: Saturday 27th November

Limited text space doesn't allow me to write my full report here (which I will email to supporters), but I did manage to survive what was really a quite horrible, wet and cold uncomfortable night. Not one of my favourites, shall we say. There are two photos opposite- one of me with that always welcome hot mug of tea just after 7am, and the other snapped by Mrs Knight at 7am just before I got up. It rained quite a lot in the night, hence the zipped up bivvy!

This year I am reprising my back garden Little Bench Sleepout (it's 5 feet long and I am over 6 feet tall) to raise funds for the homeless. The chosen charity is Beacon House Ministries in Colchester 
When? Friday 26th November 2021
Where? In my back garden in Heybridge, near Maldon, Essex.
I'll sleep out on an uncomfortable wooden garden bench using only some cardboard, a survival bag, and a 29 year old sleeping bag .... and lots of clothes.
It won't be cosy or comfy, but that's rather the point. For one night only I seek to imagine what it must be like to be a rough sleeper or a person with housing insecurity, instead of a person with a job, a loving family and a nice roof over my head. Thank the Lord for charities like Beacon House Ministries who provide all kinds of practical support to individuals who are homeless or who may be about to become so. They provide primary healthcare using their own nurse, counselling, showering facilities, laundry facilities, quitting addiction services, clean clothing, access to computers and help getting into work, assistance with finding accommodation, and much much more in the way of practical help and support. 
I will sleepout from about 9.30pm on Friday night to 7am on Saturday morning, whatever the weather in late November.
Think of me, but not too much. It's for one night a year. Others are less fortunate.
Thank you for visiting my page, and for any sponsorship you are able to give. 

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Peter Massie
03 Dec, 2021

Hi Richard - saw your shout out in the PPH Update today and wanted to support. Well done.

Anonymous donor
03 Dec, 2021

Anonymous donor
02 Dec, 2021

Update from Richard

UPDATE: Saturday 27th November 2021. Well, I survived that filthy night, and have added a couple of photos taken of me by Mrs Knight - one just before getting up, and the other after 7am with tea!

(Update posted on November 27, 2021 18:42)

Richard's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 60 days.

Susan Pembroke      Top Donor     
12 Nov, 2021

Hope the weather kind to you Rather you than me. All the best Sue & Mark

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