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Hi everyone,

I may, or may not, have been on a night out when I agreed to run a half marathon and has you can imagine hungover me had a shock. Now that's worn off I'm excited to represent and raise money for a fantastic cause. 

I've only been with Gig Buddies a few months now but have already been amazed by how great it is to be a part of, both as a buddy and a volunteer. I'm passionate about helping to ensure everyone has the opportunity to stay up late and have the social life they want, not just one that fits inside working hours. 

I'm dreading this but I'm starting training today (probably a bit late but I always did finish projects the night before) so I would ask that you spare however much is comfortable for you to help keep this fantastic project up and RUNNING!


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Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race held in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, taking place in October.

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