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We provide a weekly free surf club for young people and children with Special Educational Needs. Our participants first gain access through a 6 week introductory course (these are also funded) and then can join the club sessions each week. We've collected quantitative data to show that this activity improves the kids wellbeing, confidence and engagement in activities and life beyond surfing, but it doesn't really reflect the feedback we get from parents and the kids:

Within 10 minutes he was up on his knees with the biggest smile you’ve even seen. A natural. The change in my child within the last year and a half since he goes there just cannot be measured. Its all he talks about. Two wetsuits and his own adaptive board later, he now not only has  a hobby, but ambition, and dare I say it, a bit of Hope. 
Dad of one our regular surfers.

The Thursday surf project is his favourite part of the week and is so valuable for his well being! It would be impossible to overstate how much of a positive impact this weekly activity has for him. Surfing provides the ultimate big physical activity totally immersed in nature which is exactly what he needs to regulate, de-stress and re-set. Thanks to the surf project, he is so much better regulated and calmer - the effect it has on him is close to miraculous.

These sessions are only possible because of donations and funding.


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Gets us started towards funding the project


Gets half an hour of instructor time for these sessions.


Provides an instructor for an hour for one of our sessionss.

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Special Educational Need Surf Sessions.

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