Sam's Borneo Death March for Faith in Families

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I'm doing this as I want to use it as an opportunity to hopefully raise an amount that can make a difference  to the local families that need it most! I also want to inspire more people to take actionsto help others and more importantly themselves. we only get one chance as this life and once you start asking yourself how can I make this possible rather than that's not possible in my current situation you can really start to level up and unlock opportunities in your life. 
The biggest and most exciting part of the challenge for me is being disconnected from home life and what I know! I'll miss my family massively but also excited to use that quietness to work on myself that with the size  of the challenge and the test of my mental and physical fortitude excites me! 

Borneo Sandakan Death March & Mount Trusmadi Challenge on the 6th September 2024.
*Full Details here.*
An epic challenge in equatorial Borneo, trekking the route taken by Australian and British POWs which has become known as the Death March, and finishing with a summit of Mount Trusmadi.
"This is a unique expedition. We are accompanied by Tham Yau Kong, a highly respected jungle trekker who identified the route and will share the history of the marches as we go, giving us a unique insight. Trusmadi at the end is a tough old mountain, but a fitting end to this challenge. -KATE"

Faith in Families has a Vision where Swansea will be a city where every child can reach their full potential. Every child will feel safe and feel valued.

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