St John's Homelessness Initiative

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About St John's Homelessness Initiative

Nobody should have to be homeless in Manchester. We at St. John’s are working together with a network of charities, the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, to end homelessness in the city as soon as possible. The St. John’s Homelessness initiative is a joint commitment from all organisations involved in the development to contribute towards ending homelessness through; awareness-raising, inclusive employment, and fundraising. A collaboration between developers, contractors, supply chain organisations, the City Council, local charities and people who have personal insight into homelessness. All with a common goal. The St. John’s Homelessness Initiative is a pioneering project which unites all of the partners involved in this development around a shared goal – to end homelessness in Manchester. It is building on the fantastic work which is already happening in Manchester and will channel resources to where they are most needed.


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