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Stripey Stork is introducing our School Days project, providing children across Surrey with essential items that they need for school.   

At Stripey Stork we believe that supporting children in education is vital.  Giving children the tools to succeed isn't just important for their academic success, but also for their self-confidence and social skills.  

For the families referred to us who are already on a stretched budget, school essentials can feel completely unaffordable.  Realising that their child has had a growth spurt and needs new uniform or shoes can be a huge source of stress, as can the required 'kit list' at the start of each term.  The schools that we work with tell us about the impact it has when families can't afford these items - the embarrassment that they feel, and how it can stop children from engaging with and enjoying school.
 Stripey Stork collects non-branded school uniform and shoes for children up to the age of 16.  While most of these items will be pre-loved and in excellent condition, to be able to fulfill all the requests we receive, there will be some instances where we need to buy things new.

Our School Bags project provides a brand new, age-appropriate school bag, filled with new stationery and other essentials so that the children fit in with their peers and have the tools that they need in the classroom and for their homework.

We accept referrals from our referral partners across Surrey and beyond, who pass these items on to families who would otherwise struggle to afford them.

Your donations will enable us to ensure that every child referred to the School Days project is provided with the school essentials they need, and they can go into school well-equipped and ready to learn.


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What your gift could provide


A weeks’ worth of new white shirts/polo tops to go in a uniform bundle.


A new school bag filled with stationery and a water bottle for an infant or junior school child.


A new school bag incl stationery, maths set, exam pencil case and water bottle for senior school.

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Stripey Stork's School Days campaign

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