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Having provided motorised two-wheeled assistance during the phenomenally successful Ring Of Fire '23 (ROF23), I have once again signed up to help this fantastic group of people ride all the way from Paris to Milton Keynes, via London Village. Compared to that wonderful group of dedicated nut-jobs, my job is really simple: Be there with emergency supplies; Help those lost/stranded as required; try and help as many riders as possible safely navigate dangerous junctions/crossings etc. Being on two wheels I can get places that bit quicker, and so form the advance party for the rest of the Support Team Cavalry turning up shortly after!

This event was started by a great friend of mine, Gary Spinks. With a lot of support over the years from some truly great people, he has managed to raise an astonishing amount of money for some very deserving charities and causes. Please do have a look at previous ROF events to get the measure of how much work and effort these people put in to raise whatever they can. It really is nothing short of amazing what they've achieved. 

I'd like to do my bit to help this worthy cause along, and so appeal to anyone directed to look at this page to please contribute as much as they can! It all helps fund the work of these worthy causes, so please dig deep xx



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