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The Tonic Rider is our campaign to raise awareness of suicide and mental health issues within the music industry. 

The Tonic Rider campaign is designed for artists, roadies, managers, promoters, sound crews, production crews and everyone in between. Tonic’s aim is to target green rooms and venues across the UK, and to include the Tonic Rider on all rider lists and wall posters. It will provide information on coping strategies, anxiety, depression, performance anxiety and post-show blues, along with signposting to services that can help in a crisis.

More details can be found on our website:

Why they need our service

Tonic Music for Mental Health's mission is to raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and promote mental wellbeing through music and the arts.

Mental health issues within the music industry often go unchecked. The Tonic Rider campaign will provide mental health support, while reducing stigma and promoting discussion about mental health.

Plan and expected results

The Tonic Rider campaign aims to provide support to everyone in the music industry, helping them to maintain their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We hope to reduce stigma, encourage discussion and provide vital mental health support.


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