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We deliver regular play & youth work activity sessions, as well as vocational training and development opportunities for children and young people from Gypsy and Traveller communities in Harborough District, South Leicestershire. We do this using our mobile project vehicle - "The Chill Out Bus" as well as local projects, educational establishments and local services.

Why they need our service

Children and young people from local Gypsy and Traveller communities experience significant exclusion, lack of opportunities, and daily prejudice. This, combined with rural isolation means these children and young people are most in need of the help provided by HCYC.

Plan and expected results

Over a year of this project we will help around 100 different children and young people from these communities to improve their skills and abilities in a range of vocational and personal development areas, develop better relationships with their peers and adults both within and outside of their communities, and to increase their self esteem and pride in themselves and their communities.



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