Mental Challenges for Mental Health by Adam&Joey

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Myself and Joey Patterson are doing 2 of the biggest events around. Toughest Mudder will take place from 8PM till 8AM and a total of 45 miles. It will include the usual Tough Mudder obstacles including ice, mud and electrocution!
The second event is the Ultra Warrior, 5 hours to complete 5 laps of 12km, again with obstacles including ice, electrocution and this time fire!! 
In total 132km across 2 weekends in June
The cause? Blurt Foundation are a little known charity who have personally helped me to understand my own depression and help deal with it in a "normalised" way during some very dark times. Without dwelling on my own story too much I firmly believe that the support they offer through things like their social media posts, their blogs and advice articles are the most effective form of online free support you can find for mental health. Add to that things like their buddy box subscription and their books and you have a charity that covers a variety of avenues of support. Whilst raising money for this charity is hugely important to us, raising awareness and getting more people using such a powerful site are also huge aims of ours. 
Myself and Joey have both had our own struggles with mental health and whilst we won't be giving the full detail here, please show your support for the 2 biggest challenges we can probably take on by donating to such a great cause. If you don't believe in the cause then at least donate for the sheer madness we are putting ourselves through!!   

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Marvin Herron
22 Jun, 2020

Your a classic example on how Mental Health doesn’t have to hold you back in life / career .

Andy Maddocks
05 Mar, 2020

You’ll easily smash this Adam 💚🖤⚽️ We will be rooting for you

Toby Chatburn
03 Mar, 2020

Update from Adam

Due to a certain global pandemic. Both of the events have been postponed. TM is now the 22nd Aug whilst Ultra Warrior is now 27th June next year. We will still be doing both events...

(Update posted on April 15, 2020 07:57)

Adam's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 205 days.

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About Europe's Toughest Mudder and Ultra Warrior

Toughest Mudder: 12 hours. Overnight. 45 Miles. All the usual obstacles of Tough Mudder. Ultra Warrior: Attempt to complete 60km, over obstacles in 5 hours


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