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We provide surfing and paddle boarding for people with disabilities. We have specialist equipment and trained staff to make getting into the water as accessible as possible. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of being active in the sea.

Check out this report from the BBC on what were getting up to and this video from one of our surfers who made a video about what we do:

Here's some feedback on the impact of the sessions we ran with one organisation:
Many of the pupil are not able to access outdoor activities due to lack of disability access and none of them have ever had these experiences with friends. One pupil slept through the night for the first time in his life after your session. Another pupil parent said she has been the happiest we have ever seen her on the evening of her surfing trip.
A third parent has shared her video of her son on every social media she has and did not think he would ever be given the opportunity to something so amazing. Multiple parents have been in tears, of joy. when they have received the videos. One pupil was able to have two turns on the board and her realisation of what was happening and what was expected was the biggest step of progress we have ever seen from this pupil in the space of two sessions. One pupil was so ecstatic with the sessions that she gave you a hug, an honour very few receive. One pupil is often very dysregulated but almost fell asleep on the board. So overall a truly wonderful experience for a truly wonderful group of young people.

We are in need of support to run these sessions. The cost of the specialist equipment, the staff and volunteers needed means that this is prohibitively expensive for most to privately fund. It costs over double what it would to run a session for an able-bodied person and it's not fair for people to not be able to access the ocean because of a disability or the cost to make it accessible.


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Helps towards the session costs


Provides half an hour for one instructor


Covers the costs to get a volunteer set up with a dbs and training for the year

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