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The center in Annalong is the European and United Kingdom home for Friends Forever International! Acquired in 2019, it is in constant need of refurbishment and maintenance as we strive to make it one of the premiere group meeting spaces on the island. Your support can make this a reality!

Why they need our service
A key component of Friends Forever is giving the young people we work with the skills and experience needed to work together on a shared goal. Before they travel for their skill building phase, they need to spend two intense days together in their homelands (N.Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Cyprus, USA) as a way to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges in their team dynamic. This highly structured 2 day residential delivers that essential experience.

Plan and expected results
100 young people will have a strong foundation for participation in Friends Forever's year long program as well as another opportunity for past participants to re-engage at a higher level.


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