Sponsored Slim for Tonic Music for Mental Health

A fundraising project by Anthony Banks

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Hi, I’m Ant

I am doing a sponsored slim to raise money for Tonic Music for Mental Health and it would be great if you could sponsor me.

Over the years I have struggled with my weight and realized it had a big influence on my mental health.
Because of my struggles with depression and anxiety, i like many others turn to food for comfort but all the time knowing this would make me happy for half an hour and then all I want to do is eat more.

Whenever I was to lose weight my mood would change for the good and combined with exercise it made me feel even better.

Recently I had a bad episode of anxiety and depression and the knock on effect was weight gain,
I have included 2 photos of me which are 7 months apart so it shows how the anxiety and depression affected me in such a short time.
In one of them, I am just over 20 stone,(my current weight) people are always surprised when I tell them how much I weigh because it doesn’t look like that, I carry it well :)….That photo was taken at a Tonic gig where we were running our stall, My anxiety was so bad it prevented me from doing certain things,like talking with people or selling on the stall, I know if I had been slimmer and fitter like in the other photo I would have been near enough ok, The second photo was taken in Tenerife in January where I went on my first ever solo holiday, I could never have done that if I had been carrying the weight in the other photo, my anxiety would have been that bad...Over the years I have experienced this on many occasions so I know how much a difference it makes losing weight and doing a little exercise every day, I no longer want to ‘yoyo’ diet.

2 to 3 years ago I managed to lose 6 Stone at Slimming World and my confidence and mood were sky high, so I know I can do it, I also know this isn't a cure for anxiety or depression but it is amazing how much it helps.
As I am now helping Tonic I would love to raise some money to help with all the amazing work they do.
You can donate per Stone.