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 Year of Welcome Calendar

The Year of Welcome Calendar has been created by Swindon City of Sanctuary and Bekah Grace Illustration. Quite simply, it’s a calendar highlighting global events, with local impact, which reflect and promote Swindon City of Sanctuary’s values around welcome and inclusion.

The calendar is a reminder of the year-long importance of welcome – that it be embedded into the daily lives of all of us in our community.

Emerging from this came the idea to create a calendar to highlight global events with local impact, that reflect and promote Swindon City of Sanctuary’s values around welcome and inclusion. 

You can order and buy* your own A2 glossy printed copy of the Year of Welcome Calendar here!

**You must write a message
with your donation so we can post it to you, please state: How many books ordered with your name & address (this will be secure & we will only have access to this).
If you have already ordered with a donation and not put a message please email us at with the details mentioned above.

We are asking for a minimum donation of £5** per calendar to cover production & delivery – leaving a small donation to go directly to fund the work we do.

A suggested donation of £10** per calendar will cover production & delivery - making a meaningful contribution of just over £5 to our work at Swindon City of Sanctuary.


A breakdown of the costs:

·       Printing and production: A2 glossy poster – £3 per calendar

·       Total £3 for one calendar

The work we do

Swindon City of Sanctuary seeks to build a culture of welcome, inclusion & support for everyone in Swindon, with a focus on those seeking sanctuary. Below you can find out about our different projects:

We have established a range of projects:

Schools of Sanctuary,  raising awareness of migration and asylum issues amongst staff, children & their families.

We're Open, our weekly evening social bringing people together to enjoy a free hot drink, board games, music & good conversation.

Events, such as Refugee Week which bring our community together

Campaigns, with our national partners for systematic change in the asylum system.

You can find out more about our work & our recent news by visiting our website:


Swindon City of Sanctuary

Swindon | Human Rights

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What your gift could provide


Coffee, friendship and support through our weekly social event We're Open


A training session for up to ten volunteers


Provide two dual-language books for a Family Activity Box

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