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Hi all 

I’m running the benidorm half marathon on behalf off sunshine and smiles Leeds. I was born and bread in Leeds and I’m a proud Yorkshire man. This charity helps family’s and  friends with with Down syndrome. I’ve been lucky in my life I have had a few friends in childhood that brightened my life who had Down syndrome and I still remember them. But my greatest ever present in life was my nephew, he was born with Down syndrome but he is the happiest little boy I have ever had the privilege to meet. I was scared to meet him as I didn’t know what to do but he showed me the way and welcomed me into his world the smiles the laughter but most off all the cuddles.

November the 25th I will time 21k half marathon, not just for him or sunshine and smile but for everyone out there who just wants to help.

please give as much as you can afford , the money raised will help more people than you will realise.

Help me help this great cause 

Thank you and I will see you at the finish line xxx 


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