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Pikachu, a dinosaur, the Cheshire Cat and a cow go for a walk...and no, it's not a joke! On Sunday 26th February, a few of us will be walking round Carsington Resevoir IN ONESIES (yes, it will be very cold and tiring and PLEASE HELP US). In 2016 I was an inpatient on a psychiatric ward, for treatment of various mental health issues including depression and BPD. During the 6 months I spent there, although it was an incredibly difficult time, my life was saved thanks to the caring staff and the incredible support of my family and friends. Borderline Arts - the charity raising awareness of BPD via workshops and art exhibitions, amongst other things - is now back up and running, and to carry on with these things we need funds! Borderline Arts is the ONLY charity in the UK run specifically for BPD, so it is vital to keep that going. The work that Borderline Arts does helps to EDUCATE, raise awareness, and as a result help break down the (massive) stigma surrounding BPD. Those around me who understand the illness and how it affects me (N.B. there are 256+ combinations of symptoms, so the experience of BPD is different for everyone!!), including the staff who have helped/continue to help me, have made a massive difference to my life and those in it, and the lives of many of my friends who also suffer with this illness. If you are able to donate, even a small amount, it really WILL make a difference in helping us to continue to enable people - healthcare professionals, the public, family, friends - to understand and treat BPD. Pleeeease help us ;) We will be eternally grateful. THANKS!!! P.s. No, that photo has nothing to do with the walk. It's just myself and Sarah (founder of the charity) about to venture out into the freezing cold. It's the closest thing I could find to represent Borderline Arts + walking in the cold. Cheers. P.p.s. Seriously... thanks from the pits of my warm black heart to everyone sharing and donating. It means a lot. A LOT. Xxx

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Andrea Sands
27 Feb, 2017

Well done Sarah . Love Auntie Andrea & Uncle Ed xxx

Jill Broughton
26 Feb, 2017

Debbie Ferguson
26 Feb, 2017

Well done all of you, D xx

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20 Jan, 2017
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