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Team #Bounci10nis is really excited to put ourselves "out there" and lead by example. Together, we're part of the admin, Google, coaching, Craic Cup, recruitment teams and more within Tennis2Be. We love dressing up (or DOWN)! and will be in funny (mayBe) - BEE costumes, bouncing (SPONGE) balls at major tube stations to raise awareness and show people that tennis can be played anywhere, anytime! and generally creating a BUZZZZ - so do look out for for us, come say hello, and have a go. Tennis2Be wants everyone to see and feel the benefits of picking up a racket! The charity also train up locals and young adults giving them an opportunity to volunteer. Most importantly, people feel valued and a part of the team. Over 600 tennis sessions have been held for children, disabled adults, disabled young people, adults and children. We want to help the charity continue this work and reach a wider diverse audience to provide an introduction to this lifelong sport. The funds raised will assist with: a) ball machine b) 3.5 months rent c) printer d) after school tennis helper e) tennis camp helper f) van to ferry equipment and local children to receive tennis lessons About: Tennis2Be is a sports & education charity making tennis accessible to all in order to improve health & well-being They're deeply committed to ensuring tennis is enjoyed by a broad spectrum of participants that wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to play, in order to improve health & well-being across different communities. Through interaction with community groups, local partners, schools and councils, they emphasise the positive points of being involved in tennis including well-being & social engagement through coaching & courses.

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Kevin Mcdonald
28 May, 2017

Kevin Mcdonald
21 May, 2017

Sasha Torres
06 May, 2017

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01 Apr, 2017

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