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I will be cycling from Paris to Milton Keynes PLUS cycling Chase the Sun UK North on 22nd June, which on its own will be 209 miles in one day.  

MKRUFC is pleased to announce the Paris-London-Milton Keynes (PLM) bike ride. A 'return to base' bike ride starting in the French Capital and following, in part, the classic Avenue Verte route , through Gisors, to Dieppe, overnight ferry to Newhaven and then a (swing swang) cycle to London. An overnight stop in the East End. A Sunday pootle back to MKRUFC where a reception committee will be there to receive us in all our sweaty cycling splendour. A few lumps and bumps along the way. A few detours for notable churches and ww2 sites.
This will be a cycle tour for a mixed ability group. Former rugby players, parents and coaches, friends of the club, hard-core cyclists and pressed men. Ably taken care of by the best support team in the world -- all volunteers. A round of applause for the support crew if you please.
We raise funds for MKRUFC and our nominated charities. We have a long association with Willen Hospice ...more on them here : Willen Hospice - End of life palliative care ( and more recently we have raised funds for the Gloucester Rugby 4ED Campaign that supports a former MKRUFC player Foundation | Gloucester Rugby. We are also working with a number of Youth Charities to promote and support health for our young people. Want to help us and get involved? Please feel free to join in, donate and follow.


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