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Hi I'm Danielle, mum of 3 boys. My eldest boy Adam is almost 9 years old, and finally has a diagnosis of Autism.

Autism is a lifelong neurological condition. You can't "catch it" it affects a persons interaction, communication and imagination on a social basis. Adam's personality and little quirks and obsessions are because he is autistic, and I wouldn't have him any other way. Yes it's difficult when he has a meltdown. He may scream, shout, hit out, self harm, swear or run. He's not naughty, it's part of his autism. This is because he processes things and sees the world differently. Imagine you were stranded in a foreign country, you can't speak or understand the language, & can only pick out the odd word. How confused and frustrating it would be. This can be what it's like for someone with autism.

I won't lie, it's been a rough ride at times. But Leeds ABC support group has been fantastic. ABC provide activities for children and young people on the autistic spectrum, as well as autism training and information sessions. We regularly attend their monthly swim sessions and holiday activity sessions. It's fantastic to be around people who go through what we do, and understand my boy completely. These activities and sessions are all free of charge to families (funded by ABC) they are a wonderful organisation, fronted by Mandy and Susan, two dedicated parents of young people on the spectrum. They do it voluntarily. I'd like to give something back.

So..... I started making cakes for my boys birthdays. As they have got older, my cake making skills have improved. I'm definitely not a professional, but we all need to start somewhere! Therefore to improve my skills, I am going to bake cakes and sell them for a charge, which will go straight to the ABC group. I won't make a penny on them.

I'm registered with environmental health (as part of my childminding busines) and have done a basic food hygiene course.