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My name is Clare and from Monday 15th March I am going to walk for 10 days, over 2 weeks, to raise money for The Cheyne Gang, an organisation that works with singing for breathing. This is becoming even more important as people develop Long Covid, many of whom experience breathlessness. I have been involved with The Cheyne Gang for a year, now and they are a very inspiring bunch of women.
Each day I will walk from my front door. The first week will be 5 half days, the next week 5 full days. Each of the 5 days a different direction. I'm interested in Long Covid, because, in my mind, it bears a relationship to Chronic Fatigue and M.E. I have a mild form of Chronic Fatigue so will be pacing myself carefully as I walk. As I am an artist, the whole walk will become part of my practice. Currently I'm working with Life Writing and have been reflecting on my biography, particularly my time as an actor. I've been using specific textiles as a prompt into my memories. I also work with theatre, paper, textiles and song, so we'll see what emerges. There is the possibility I'll get very tired and nothing will emerge but I intend to work with that too. I'll try to listen to my body and sit or lie down whenever I need to. It's lovely lying and looking at the sky or up into trees. So, it will be a challenge but I like the idea of walking through the Spring Equinox and the changing of the light. I hope that many people will find this a good cause, be interested in following my walking story and donate generously to the wonderful Cheyne Gang

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Christine Hopewell
10 Apr, 2021

Thankyou Clare for your work.

Anne Blair
07 Apr, 2021

Mary Stone
06 Apr, 2021

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog Clare. Well done! Mary Stone


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George Devine      Top Donor     
16 Mar, 2021

hi Clare, Im a friend of Anne Richie, think this is a great initiative, hope you make your target.

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