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Hello! Do you have a home full of clutter, items that you no longer need or love? Simply want to recycle but don't have the time? Then look no further because I would LOVE to help YOU, whilst helping a great project at the same time. 

As you may be aware a small team and I are joining forces this autumn to create a community plant nursery in Mells. The potential is HUGE and follows in the footsteps of several successful start-up projects created by Edventure over the years.

Fundraising is an important part of the project and I'm looking to family and friends in the initial stages to give this project the best possible start ever.

You can support me in two ways...

1) If you can spare £1, £5 or even £10 - that's seriously great and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please just press the big green donate button and donate away :)

2) Combining my love for minimalism, I invite you all to pack up a box of unwanted items to donate. Which I will collect over the by next 2 weeks and sell on your behalf at a local car boot sale. Proceeds raised will go towards the project. 

**I'm planning on selling donated goods on Sunday 25th August**

If you would like to know more about the project please just ask. Thanks for your time, generosity and love in advance!! Love Diane xxx

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Jill Nic
06 Sep, 2019
Happy digging
Tina North
22 Aug, 2019
Have fun & enjoy every moment at one of our favourite places! x 💜 🌳🌷🌿
Stuart Durham
10 Aug, 2019
Enjoy! Stu
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