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Thank you for joining me on my fundraising page.

If you were trying to find my adoption page I'm afraid I am currently not available for re-homing.

Throughout the month of June, The Oh Yeah Music Centre are asking folks to put on their shoes (remember shoes?) and walk / jog / run the length of a marathon to raise vital funds to help keep the centre we all adore alive and well for when we are finally able to return to it.
I want to do whatever I can to support the Oh Yeah Music Centre because it is such a vital venue and charity that has supported so many wonderful people through the years, providing a platform for many artists' first ever shows, training the next generation of intimidatingly well prepared young folk (who will inevitably take all of our jobs from us), providing immense creative outlets and opportunities for people with dementia, and generally being my home-away-from-home for so long. Also, the staff are all dotes and I love them.

The second reason why I want to do this is slightly more personal.

Many people know I have struggled with agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) to fluctuating degrees throughout my life, supported by my lovely friends and numerous therapists, as well as any band that has loudly played through my headphones while I've been out of the house.

Lockdown has provided many barriers to my recovery and management. I am working hard to still leave the house as much as I can, but I have to admit that I can feel myself becoming scared again.
This will not do.

As such, I feel that it makes perfect sense to throw myself into walking 26.2 miles over the month of June to raise funds for one of my favourite places on earth, and in the process help my stupid little head a bit. 

Please consider donating to my rambles across South Belfast over the next while to support the Oh Yeah Music Centre. 

Thank you so much x

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Sara-jane Carmichael
13 Jun, 2020

Belfast (and my early to mid twenties) would be a much duller place without Oh Yeah

Chris Hanna      Top Donor     
13 Jun, 2020

Keep er lit x

Herb Magee
13 Jun, 2020


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