Half Marathon for CAB Bath and NE Somerset

A fundraising project by Dave Pippard

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I did it - see new photo! It was a very hot day, the course really was hilly and I suffered as the photo demonstrates. Thank you for all your marvellous donations.

Well there's been a hitch. The Bath Half Marathon has been cancelled because of the snow.

Now I don't want to disappoint those kind sponsors who expect me to undergo some kind of physical torture, so what I've done is enter another half marathon. It's the Two Tunnels race in Bath, but it's not until 6 May. That will either give me time to be even fitter, or to let the peak fitness (I wish) I'd achieved for Bath simply dissipate. We'll see!

As a volunteer for CAB I see the brilliant work of this independent charity in helping people manage their lives, particularly those faced with financial problems. Many who come to CAB for help are at their wits end, but after good advice they can start to turn things around and become healthy contributing members of society again.

The CAB needs secure funds to enable them to continue their work and in today's climate funding is precarious. With your help, I hope my efforts will contribute something to the cause.