Liverpool To Manchester 50 Mile Run 2nd April 2018

A fundraising project by Dermot Ferguson

of £5,000

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I "run" regularly, slowly, and I always need a challenge as an incentive.
So myself, my eldest nephew, Iain Ferguson, and now Adam Jones, have signed up for L2M (Liverpool to Manchester) covering a ridiculous distance of 50 miles on 2nd April 2018, just a couple of weeks before my 55th birthday.

Charlottes Brightside is an excellent charity very local to me. We have managed to raise funds for Charlottes Brightside in the past, and as with many others, they really need income to continue providing the services they do for Children and Young People in the local community.

We have paid our own entries for the "race" so EVERY penny donated goes directly into the Charities coffers.

Please give what, and if you can, but either way, please post this page to as many people as you can.

And we haven't worked out how we are going to get back yet..... No, we are NOT running back.