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I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Panic Disorder over 2 years ago.
I've had countless trips to my GP and put on numerous medications, I've been to Group Therapy and I'm currently seeing a Counsellor to help with my battle against Mental Illness.
I've chosen to enter the Great Manchester Run Half Marathon as I want to achieve something that's out of my comfort zone and to prove to myself that I can succeed in life. I'll be running and raising money for The Blurt Foundation.

The Blurt Foundation is a Community Interest Company which exists to make a difference to anyone that's been affected by depression - like myself. Being diagnosed is overwhelming and telling people is tough, not everyone understands. That's why the Blurt Foundation are there for you, whenever you need them, for anything.

They help people to understand depression and what it means for that particular person. They'll listen and introduce you to people who have been through it. They'll also help you to break down the barriers so you can speak to loved ones about it.

The Blurt Foundation came up with the fantastic idea of a 'Buddy Box' which is a monthly subscription that's filled with goodies to provide you with a pick me up. Each Buddy Box has a theme and from previous purchases they are excellent and really brighten up your day!

Hopefully the money I raise will help with these priorities..
The stuff they do at Blurt is vitally important, and they want to carry on doing it. Here are their strategic priorities for 2016/17:

* Increase awareness and understanding of depression
* Develop peer support networks
* Collaborate with partners to facilitate learning and innovation
* Strengthen revenue streams to create a more planned and sustainable future

Thank you for visiting my page and donating. You have no idea how much it means to me and the beautiful bunch at Blurt