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Team Fundraisers

Based in one of the most deprived areas in Western Europe - providing no questions asked grants, running a free half-term lunch takeaway, providing 100s of kilos of free food including fresh fruit and veg every week via food packages & through community larders, we have held several community takeaways, the first of which was on May Day - 100s of portions of hot food, prepared by members and funded through donations, have been give out at these events. There are more planned in the future. Building solidarity and power in our community.

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What your gift could provide


at least 15Kg of fresh fruit/Veg to go into the community larder or as part of a food parcel


a no questions asked grant to an applicant in the area


20Kg of lamb and chicken for a community takeaway

£8.68k raised from 4 pages

Oxford Mutual Aid

£4.50k raised since December 2020

Forest Hill Mutual Aid

£2.00k raised since December 2020

Elswick Mutual Aid

£1.00k raised since August 2020

Brent Solidarity Fund

£1.18k raised since July 2020