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Free Cakes for Kids Hackney is a free and confidential volunteer-run service, providing homemade birthday cakes for children who would not otherwise receive them. A birthday cake won't change the world; it won't give a family living in a refuge a home; and it won't put an end to financial worries. But what a homemade birthday cake will do is make a child feel special and unique and happy and all the things that a child absolutely deserves to feel on their birthday. They say it's the little things. It totally is. We're running Hackney because a sponsored cake eating session didn't quite seem taxing enough. And because we love Hackney and what better way to share our service with our neighbourhood than to run through our local streets dressed as giant cupcakes (or maybe just wearing an FCFK Hackney t-shirt)?! We would love it if you could support us. Our team: Tessa Lidstone - Tess is our Media and Communications Officer so is more likely to be found on her laptop than in her trainers, but hey, we aren't that fussy. She loves bad jokes like, What's the fastest cake in the world? Scone! Sophie Howes - Soph is one of our co-founders and a bit of a half marathon pro. We're hoping she'll be able to whip us all into shape ahead of the big day. She's brought her sisters along for the ride so we have the full Howes trio on our team. Enter... Hannah Howes (who is running just six months after giving birth - wow!); & Zoe Howes (who only signed up due to sibling rivalry!). Ben Bleet - Ben is married to our other co-founder, Jules. By the time of the half marathon Jules will have just given birth to their first baby. We figure he got off lightly by only getting roped in to do a bit of running! This is Ben's first half marathon ... watch him fly! Lucy Lincoln - Lucy, one of our lovely bakers, loves to bake and likes to embark on the odd run to balance out all her cake eating. More running = more cake - you can't argue with that equation.

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Sophie Howes      Top Donor     
09 Jul, 2014

Leigh Bell
08 Jul, 2014

Well Done Tess et al - I think that you are fabulous!

Peter Spargo
05 Jul, 2014

Cakes- a subject dear to my heart

Sophie Howes      Top Donor     
09 Jul, 2014

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Providing free birthday cakes to children in Hackney whose families are unable to do so.
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