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2021 - an update
Now that children are back at school, we've scaled back the #SquareMeals mission to concentrate on delivering face to face classes! However, your continued support means that we've been able to keep making healthy, delicious meals to keep our community freezer well-stocked. Plus we've scaled up our virtual cooking club to deliver 180 DIY recipe kits to local families around South Bristol. 
2020 - an update
Last week we cooked, packaged and distributed our 20,000th meal - a milestone in more ways than one. When we launched the #SquareMeals appeal, we never imagined we'd raise enough to sustain this emergency meal service into what is now its 20th week. But you surpassed every expectation, donating an INCREDIBLE £43,000 to keep children and families from going hungry. Add to that the support we've received from grant-making organisations and we've raised enough to extend the #SquareMeals mission AND our Virtual Cooking Club (more on that below) until the end of the Summer holidays.
Any donations we receive from now on will be used to adapt and extend these services across our community. In the pipeline are plans for a community pantry, a family cooking club and training courses that improve life chances for Bristol's young people. Watch this space and THANK YOU for all of your support.  

In partnership with local school, Oasis Academy Connaught, we've cooked and delivered 275 daily meals to 55 local families, every day since 20th March. Plus, every weekend, we package and deliver 30 DIY meal kits as part of our virtual cooking club. These include a bag of pre-weighed ingredients, a recipe sheet and the link to a cook-along video tutorial, presented by a SFF teacher. Meal kits provide families with an extra meal and give kids and parents something fun and productive to do together during lockdown.

The need 

Bristol has 20,000 children living in poverty and 11,000 children eligible for free school meals. This project aims to reduce the number of families that live on a low or insecure income and are likely to experience food poverty as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

How your money will help 

Up to 275 children and families that are at risk of food poverty will receive one healthy and delicious meal each day for as long as they need. And, up to 30 families per week will receive a DIY meal kit which include the ingredients needed to make a meal for a family of five plus the link to a cook-along video, presented by a teacher from Square Food.


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What your gift could provide


could feed a child one meal a day for two weeks


could pay for a month of meals for one child


would provide a week's worth of lunches for a family of five

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The #SquareMeals Appeal

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